#Task -1 Deploy

Answer:- No need Answer

#Task -2 Introduction

2.1-What networking constructs are used to direct traffic to the right application on a server?

Answer:- ports

2.2-How many of these are available on any network-enabled computer?


2.3-[Research] How many of these are considered “well-known”…

Task 1 Investigating Windows

1.Whats the version and year of the windows machine?

Answer:- Windows Server 2016

2.Which user logged in last?

Answer:- administrator

3.When did John log onto the system last?

Answer format: MM/DD/YYYY H:MM:SS AM/PM

Answer:- 03/02/2019 5:48:32 PM

4.What IP does the system connect to when it…


Task 1 Introduction

#1 :- I have ffuf installed

Answer :- No Answer Needed

#2 :- I have SecLists installed

Answer :- No Answer Needed

Task 2 Basics

#2 :- What is the first file you found with a 200 status code?

TRYHACKME — Windows x64 Assembly

Task 1 Introduction

#1 :- Now that you have been introduced to the way computers think, let’s move on to how they work.

Answer :- No Needed Answer

Task 2 Number Systems

#2.1 :- What is 0xA in decimal?

Answer :- 10

#2.2 :- What is decimal 25 in hexadecimal…

TryhackMe — Linux Function Hooking

Task 1 Introduction

#1 :- I am ready to learn!

Answer :- No Needed Answer

Task 2 What are Shared Libraries?

#2 :- What is the name of the dynamic linker/loader on linux?

Answer :- ld.so, ld-linux.so*

Task 3 Getting A Tad Bit Technical

#3.1:- What environment variable let's you…

Tryhackme — Windows Fundamentals 3

Task-1 Introduction

#1:- Read the above and start the virtual machine.

Answer:- No Answer Needed

Task-2 Windows Updates

#2:- There were two definition updates installed in the attached VM. On what date were these updates installed?

Answer:- 5/3/2021

Task-3 Windows Security

#3:- In the above image, which area needs immediate…

TryHackMe — Windows Fundamentals 2

Task 1 Introduction

#1 :- Read above and start the virtual machine.

Answer :- No Answer Needed

Task 2 System Configuration

#2.1 :- What is the name of the service that lists Systems Internals as the manufacturer?

Answer :- PsShutdown

#2.2 :- Whom is the Windows license registered to?


TryhackMe — Windows Fundamentals 1

Task 1 — Introduction to Windows

#1 :- Read above and start the virtual machine.

Answer :- No Answer Needed

Task 2 Windows Editions

#2 :- What encryption can you enable on Pro that you can’t enable in Home?

Answer :- BitLocker

Task 3 The Desktop (GUI)

#3 :- Which…

tryhackme -Polkit: CVE-2021–3560

#1 :- Read the information in the task.

What is the URL of the website you should submit dynamic flags to?

Answer :- https://flag.muir.land/

#2 :-In what version of Ubuntu’s policykit-1 is CVE-2021–3560 patched?

Answer :- 0.105–26ubuntu1

#3 :- What program can we use to run commands as other users via polkit?

Answer :- pkexec

Exploitation Process

follow the steps….

Nehru G

Certified Ethical hacker

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